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The Merto-Dry paddle dryers of the Meier Systemtechnik GmbH series are extremely robust and versatile. These paddle dryers were developed to gently dry pulpy, pasty to moist crumbly products. Even high-substance wet products that disintegrate during the drying process and have a granular or powdery consistency in the dried state can be successfully processed.

(Vacuum) paddle dryers are characterised by their compact design, which enables a maximum heat transfer surface. They also guarantee gentle thermal treatment of the products. Compared to conventional vacuum drying ovens, they offer the advantage of a largely automated entry and exit of the products. Thanks to the continuous rearrangement of the materials on the heated surfaces, the drying process takes place quickly.

The central component of our paddle dryers is the cylindrical housing, which contains an agitator paddle that can also be heated. Typically, saturated steam is used as the heating medium, although hot water or other liquid heat transfer media can also be used. The agitator paddle ensures constant loosening of the dry material by mixing it radially and axially. This ensures uniform thermal treatment, resulting in a uniform structure and final moisture content of the dried product. The apparatus is filled through a generously dimensioned filling opening, which is fitted with a quick-release fastener. After completion of the drying process, the product is discharged via a centrally placed discharge spout. The unit is driven by electric motor via bevel spur gear and primary reduction gearing. During drying, vapours are generated that often carry solids in the form of dust particles. These particles are retained in downstream dust collection devices. For example, cyclone separators with subsequent wet scrubbing or cloth filters attached directly to the dryer are used. The condensation systems and vacuum pumps are adapted to the specific operating requirements.

The Merto-Dry paddle dryers from Meier Systemtechnik GmbH can be operated continuously or in batches and are offered in atmospheric or vacuum versions. Due to its many years of experience in special plant engineering, Meier Systemtechnik GmbH is able to realise paddle dryers of almost any desired size and according to individual customer requirements in addition to the Merto-Dry series.

Paddle dryer

techn. details:

Volume: 50 to 20,000 l

Temperature range: -20 to + 400°C

Pressure range: -1 to 25 bar



Compared to other drying methods, our paddle dryers offer a number of clear advantages:

  1. Continuous operation possible without interruptions
  2. The entire drying process takes place in a hermetically sealed system
  3. Oxidation of the products is effectively minimised
  4. Even the processing of toxic materials is possible
  5. The necessary safety is ensured for products with low solvent content
  6. The possibility of dust-free feeding and discharging fulfils the requirements for environmentally compatible work equipment to the highest degree
  7. Optional knife mills or choppers can be integrated to shorten the drying time
  8. Robust technology with low maintenance requirements
  • Proteins
  • Spices
  • Plant extracts
  • Meat extracts
  • animal feed
  • Gypsum
  • Salts
  • rarely earths
  • Slate flour
  • Silicon carbide
  • Catalysts
  • Grinding sludge
  • Mercury recycling
  • Drilling emulsions
  • contaminated soils
  • Heavy metal hydroxide sludge
  • Gypsum
  • Salts
  • rarely earths
  • Slate flour
  • Silicon carbide