All contact dryers by one company

Meier Systemtechnik specialises in process apparatus, systems and machines that can carry out and design a wide range of processes.

Classic examples are thermal and mechanical separation processes. However, we also offer the ability to carry out reactions or conversions of a wide variety of substances, taking into account the required parameters such as pressure, temperature and ambient conditions.

In particular, we focus on drying and filtration processes, but also on washing, extraction and crystallisation processes. Meier Systemtechnik provides almost all designs of contact dryers and plant technologies in vacuum in a single company. With us, the customer finds the machine that best suits his process.

Paddle dryer Merto-Dry

Paddle dryer Merto-Dry 18000

The Merto-Dry paddle dryers, manufactured by Meier Systemtechnik GmbH, have proven themselves in numerous applications and are characterised by their versatility. These paddle dryers are designed for the gentle drying of mushy, pasty to moist crumbly products. They can also process pulpy wet products that fall apart during the drying process and are in a granular or powdery state when dried.

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Drum dryer Merto-Drum

Roller dryer

Drum dryers are capable of continuously drying a wide range of solutions, suspensions and pastes with different consistencies and viscosities. They are used in various industries, ranging from the food industry to chemicals and pharmaceutical production. Drum dryers are used wherever it is necessary to keep drying times short in order to maintain certain product properties.

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(Vacuum/pressure) nutsches Merto-Fil

Nutsche example

(Vacuum/pressure) nutsches are a suitable method for filtering liquids with a high solids content in batches. This is particularly useful when sophisticated post-treatment of the solids is required. In this process, the liquid is mechanically separated through a permeable layer (filter medium). This can be done either by using vacuum using atmospheric pressure, by applying pressure or by a combination of vacuum and pressure.

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Cone dryer, mixer

Cone dryer / mixer Merto Dry 500

The cone dryer, also known as the vertical dryer, is characterised by its exceptional ability to empty residues. This feature proves to be particularly important in industries where the highest demands are placed on hygiene and the purity of production batches. At Meier Systemtechnik GmbH, cone dryers and cone mixers are manufactured both in a standard chemical version and in food-grade (FDA) and pharmaceutical (GMP) versions to meet the specific needs of different industries.

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