Chemistry / Pharmacy

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries play an extremely important role in supplying the population with intermediate and end products.

Numerous basic materials, which are contained in countless everyday end products without the consumer being aware of this, as well as end products that everyone immediately associates with the chemical industry, are produced worldwide every day.

Chemical industry

In the complex processes of our customers, various products from Meier Systemtechnik are used in the different phases of production and the process. Granulates are often dehydrated, various components react using temperature, pressure or vacuum, or substances are filtered or separated. All these diverse processes can be realised with the help of the (vacuum) paddle dryers, roller dryers or agitator nutsches from Meier Systemtechnik.

Meier Systemtechnik establishes first-class standards in the areas of safety (explosion protection), hygiene (CIP and SIP facilities) and quality.

Process reliability, reproducibility and the use of first-class materials are fundamental requirements in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The comprehensive expertise of Meier Systemtechnik acts as an essential building block for meeting these high demands in terms of processes and machines.

Meier Systemtechnik offers machines and equipment for granulates, pasty or liquid single- or multi-component systems and thus enables the customer to select the most suitable machine for his specific area of application.

Meier Systemtechnik designs, produces and manufactures in accordance with the following design standards:

ATEX, FDA, GMP, CIP, SIP, AD 2000 or in accordance with your individual factory requirements.

Whether your process involves drying, cooling, evaporation or steaming, or whether it involves crystallisation, filtration, impregnation, reaction or agglomeration – at Meier Systemtechnik you will find the right contact for your process.