Environmental engineering

Environmental responsibility in modern industrial society is undoubtedly one of the central challenges of our time. The treatment, recycling and decontamination of industrial waste and residues is a global obligation we have towards future generations.

In this respect, the plants of Meier Systemtechnik GmbH play a significant role. By using the vacuum thermal process, they make a significant contribution to extracting residues from contaminated soils and treating these soils to make them suitable for landfilling. In this way, they make a significant contribution to tackling this pressing environmental challenge.

Environmental engineering

For this purpose, the use of the high-temperature solution (at 400 °C) in combination with a vacuum is essential to successfully dissolve substances with a high boiling point, such as hydrocarbons with a high molecular mass or even mercury.

Within the processes of production, the separation and purification of waste streams also often proves extremely beneficial. This enables their reintegration into the production cycle. All these efforts share the common goal of conserving global resources, minimizing environmental impact, and ultimately reducing costs.

A stable and uncomplicated design often acquires just as much importance in this special market segment as strict compliance with the applicable regulations and legal requirements, be it with regard to ATEX directives or TA-Luft directives.

Whether your process is geared towards decontamination, sterilization, drying or cleaning – at Meier Systemtechnik you will undoubtedly find the right contact for your project.