Minerals, ores, construction materials

The processing and treatment of minerals and ores, often in the form of powders or grains, represents a significant focus in the field of activity of the company MEB (Minerals, Ores, Building Materials).

In addition, coating, blending and refining of building materials are also successfully realized in the plants of Meier Systemtechnik.

Special attention is paid to the protection against wear of the machines, as they are often exposed to abrasive substances and materials.

In addition to high-quality technology, ease of operation is a key requirement in this market segment.


The machines and equipment developed by Meier Systemtechnik GmbH provide the ideal basis for robust systems to meet the demanding requirements for wear resistance and durability in the building materials and metallurgical industries.

Whether your process involves drying, mixing, homogenizing, washing or coating, you will find the right partner for your individual requirements at Meier Systemtechnik.