Organics and food industry

In the modern food and feed industry, new approaches are continuously being explored to optimise value and active ingredients as well as taste and consistency in a sustainable way.

For organic ingredients, precise control during production is of particular importance. This enables the targeted steering of natural ageing or growth processes or even the targeted counter-steering of the same.

Handling products that react sensitively to temperature influences, as well as handling living cell structures, requires an increased degree of attention and care.

Organic / Food Chemistry

Similar to how elevated temperatures can kill germs and contribute to sterilization, it is crucial in numerous applications of temperature-sensitive materials to preserve the integrity of cell structures during the drying process.

One method of removing water, and thus drying, even at low temperatures is through the use of vacuum.

Already under a vacuum condition of 30 mbar, evaporation of water occurs at temperatures below 30°C. This means in particular that bacteria, which usually require temperatures of 36-38°C, are not killed due to the required evaporation temperature.

Mixing and reaction processes involving organic substances require extremely accurate, repeatable and gentle process steps, without disregarding economic considerations.

This is especially true in the context of the food industry, where both cost and consistency of quality are of high importance.

Organic / Food Chemistry

Meier Systemtechnik GmbH provides a diverse range of process machines and equipment that can be used within different production chains. Stable and sustainable production plants require high quality materials, effective cleaning systems and precise process control.

In accordance with the following execution standards, Meier Systemtechnik develops, produces and manufactures:

  • ATEX
  • FDA
  • GMP
  • CIP
  • SIP
  • AD 2000

In addition, we are flexible and can adapt to your specific plant requirements.

Whether your process involves drying, cooling, concentrating, evaporating, crystallizing, filtering, homogenizing, reacting or washing, we at Meier Systemtechnik are the ideal partner for your individual requirements.