Due to the unique possibilities of vacuum technology and the comprehensive expertise of Meier Systemtechnik in this field, customized solutions could also be developed for various other industries.

In the electrical industry, numerous testing and drying systems for high-performance capacitors have been successfully set up. Likewise, Meier Systemtechnik has gained extensive expertise in the implementation of large climate chambers for the automotive industry. Even plastination plants for Günther von Hagens’ Body Worlds were developed, designed and manufactured by Meier Systemtechnik. A recurring theme among Meier Systemtechnik’s customers is process testing.

In many cases, electrical and mechanical components must meet the highest standards of cleanliness and dryness, and vacuum technology is often the only way to meet these requirements. This is especially the case in industries where quality and safety have the highest priority – this is where one often discovers fields of application for Meier Systemtechnik.

Examples are:

  • Electrical industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Steel industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • petroleum industry
  • nuclear energy plants
  • Basic research

The versatile solutions offered by Meier Systemtechnik thus help companies in a wide range of industries to optimize their production processes in order to achieve the highest standards of quality, purity and drying.